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What is Car Leasing

When you lease a car, the car is yours to drive and operate - as you would if you were to buy a car. The key differences between the two are the ownership and maintenance of the vehicle.

When you buy a car with cash, you own it. (In Singapore though, most drivers buy a car on a hire-purchase bank scheme. In actuality then, the bank owns it until you pay off the loan!) When it comes to car leasing, the car leasing company owns the car you drive.

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What is Hybrid Leasing?

(N.B. We do not mean Hybrid as in Hybrid Electric/Natural Gas cars. We mean Hybrid as in a combination of traditional car leasing and hire-purchase schemes.)

On 25th Feb 2013, MAS imposed strict financing requirements on motor vehicle loans in Singapore. Motorists like you are finding it hard to own or lease a car. Many of our partners have come up with new types of car leasing schemes and we call them Hybrid Leasing.

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How do I start a search (for a car lease)?

There are more than 135 car rental / leasing companies in Singapore. Each of them offering a wider variety of models and car services that caters to different needs. At Drive.SG, we spend a good deal of time helping businesses and consumers find the perfect car for their needs. Our customers often tell us that car leasing is one of the most difficult and painful decisions they have to make. We usually share this guide with them in hopes that the process can be enjoyable (and not painful)!

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How do I compare offers (or quotations) from different companies?

Compared to buying a car, there are significantly more choices for drivers like you. Even though there are more choices, the car leasing process is actually quite straight forward since the leasing rates usually includes all the necessary expenses that comes maintaining a car.

When comparing offers from our partners, look out for:

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Why should I use Drive.SG?

Drive.SG partners with more than 30 car leasing businesses in Singapore. We provide an unique customer-oriented prospective on car leasing. To begin, click on some of the cars that you would like leasing rates for and we will assign you a leasing specialist (yes a living breathing human being!) to aid you in your search for a lease.

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