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Promotion Period: 13/3/2020 to 10/4/2020

Uncertain about your Hari Raya visitation due to the Circuit Breaker?

We have been receiving feedback from a lot of our members that due to the uncertainty of the current situation, they are unable to commit to a rental car right away but they still wish to enjoy our discounts!

If you are feeling the same way, we have something just for you!

You can register your interest in our cars with just $10 and pay the full amount only on 1st May 2020.

There's more! Register your interest now and you can get an additional $50 off your total rental.

Check out our huge selection of rental car today!

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*T&Cs Apply

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Terms & Conditions

All discounts are only eligible for 6/7-days packages worth more than $650 dollars.

$10 book deposit reservation is only eligible for 6/7-days packages.

$10 book deposit reservation is only eligible for bookings that are less than 2 weeks in duration.

$10 booking deposit reservation ends 30th Apr 2020.

$10 booking deposit is non-refundable. 

$10 is the booking deposit. Security deposit still applies.

$10 booking deposit promotion is not stackable with other promotion.

Full payment for booking reservation must be made by 1st May 2020

Booking deposit will be forfeited if full payment is not made by 1st May 2020

New cars are 3 years and below.

Not applicable with other promotions.

Cars are subject to availability

Delivery & collection service are subject to availability

The Management reserves the right to alter or remove the promotion without any notification