Road Trip Guide - Arm yourself with these road trip essentials

Road Trip Guide - Arm yourself with these road trip essentials

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Driving around on a road trip can be a fun holiday experience in itself. It is a good bonding opportunity for families

So hop into a rental car and enjoy a nice weekend away! Here are some road trip essentials if you are planning on making the drive up to Malaysia.

Whether you're driving under the hot afternoon sun or making it a cool evening drive, these are some of the things you should have with you to make the trip a pleasant one.


The glare from the sun can be potentially dangerous for drivers during a long drive. So remember to put on those shades especially when you're driving in the middle of the afternoon.

As for passengers, sunglasses do not only protect you from the glaring rays. Have you ever felt annoyed by nosy parkers peering in through your window while on the road? If you want to have a shut-eye during the long journey, putting on your sunglasses can prevent those curious Georges from catching you in the middle of a snooze.


There is nothing more important than navigation when you're driving overseas. Having a map is an absolute MUST! With travel apps getting more advanced each passing day, even your phone can be a good make-shift GPS while driving.

Personal Hygiene

Staying holed up in a car for hours on end could get unpleasant very quickly. On a road trip, you want to stay as refreshed as possible to keep your mood uplifted.

Pack a hand sanitizer, wet wipes and plenty of tissues to keep you clean throughout the journey. Clean up any messes you have made in the car with wet wipes or tissues, and remember to sanitize your hands after.

Staying Fresh

Keep yourself feeling fresh and awake with these few items:

Sometimes driving on a straight road for long periods of time can get pretty boring. The wet wipes we mentioned above can freshen you up when you’re just starting to feel a little bit sleepy while driving.

Have some breath mints or sweets with you to stay minty fresh on your long drive.

Pillows & Blankets

Passengers, stay comfortable and warm with an army of neck pillows and blankets - the better for your nap during this long car ride. If you find packing extra blankets a hassle, why not pack a comfy jacket to keep you warm?


See something interesting by the side of the road? You'll wish you had packed a good camera to capture these precious moments. If you are packing many electronics with you, make sure you have a compatible car charger to keep them going.

Emergency Kits

Tend to your scrapes and bruises with a first aid kit, but don't forget about the car! An emergency kit for your car is important so you won't get stranded in the middle of a highway.

Another important thing to have in your car emergency kit? Have a list of emergency numbers like the tow truck company or the car rental company’s emergency hotline.

Portable Cooler

Who likes food that's turned bad? Bring along a portable cooler (which you can store in the boot) to keep your edibles from going rotten by the heat in the car.


The long ride can get boring real fast if you travel in silence (especially when everyone else has fallen asleep). Keep a playlist of your favourite songs on a disc and load it up in the car. Nothing beats a good road trip karaoke.

With these road trip travel essentials, you can now spend a wonderful weekend driving to Malaysia with the family! Save yourself the worry and get a rental car. Rent a car now @ Drive.SG!

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Singapore's favourite past time - Getting cheap bargains in Malaysia

Singapore's favourite past time - Getting cheap bargains in Malaysia

With such high costs of living, Singaporeans DO NOT take one thing for granted - leveraging on cheap bargains! And what better place is there to get considerably cheaper bargains than in Malaysia?

With an exchange rate of 1 : 2.94 (as at 23 Jan 2016), most things are a lot cheaper in Malaysia. It's no wonder Singaporeans like to spend their weekends shopping in Malaysia!

Be it shopping for the occasion eg. Chinese New Year or just doing a weekend trip, there's plenty of reasons to head over to take a short drive across the Causeway to the cheap bargains haven that's Malaysia!

Currencies aside, here are 3 major categories of cheap bargains that appeal to Singaporeans:

1. Shopping

Tourism Malaysia organises yearly sales, the last was 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival (July - August 2015)! This nationwide festival is a great opportunity for tourists visiting Malaysia to splurge on shopping with discounts on just about anything from shopping, dining & fun entertainment. 

Besides the festivities, where in Malaysia can you go?! 

Here are some of our recommendations:

Mid Valley Megamall

Source: Thousand Wonders

Malaysia’s shopping complex (awarded by Tourism Malaysia) - Find anything you need in this huge 4.5 million square feet emporium.

Opening Hours: Daily, 10:00 – 22:00
Address: Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Low Yat plaza


This shopping mall specialises in electronics and all kinds of tech. If you find these more expensive in Singapore, head over to low yat plaza in Kuala Lumpur.

Opening Hours: Daily, 10:00 – 22:00
Location: Behind Amoda Building, which is across the street from Berjaya Times Square, and right beside Bukit Bintang Plaza/Sungei Wang Plaza.
Address: No. 7 Jalan Bintang, Off Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang Central, 55100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.

Johor Premium Outlets

Source: Simon Property Group

If you’re looking for branded products but at cheaper rates than in Singapore, Johor Premium Outlet is the place to be. JPO hosts many brand outlets in one fine shopping mall. Look no further than Johor Bahru to get the best deals on well-known brands.

Opening Hours: Daily, 10:00 - 22:00
Address: Jalan Premium Outlets, Indahpura, 81000 Kulaijaya, Johor Darul Takzim

2. Fuel

Let’s not deny this well-known fact- fuel is cheaper in Malaysia than in Singapore.

Source: Hike Crisis @ Flickr

Even with restrictions (Three-Quarter Tank Rule), kiasu Singaporeans are still bound to top-up their fuel tanks before entering the gantry back to Singapore.


Out of all our favourite past times, this is the one that unites Singaporeans. It’s gluttony on a budget.

Singaporeans LOOOOVE their food. It’s no surprise that one of the ways trips to Malaysia has captured Singaporeans’ attention is through the hook of scrumptious and cheap food.

Here are some must-try delicacies in Malaysia:

Chicken Rice Ball 


Where to go: Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball (Melaka)
468, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia 



Where to go: Haji Shariff's cendol (Seremban City)
Address: 44 Jalan Yam Tuan, Seremban, Malaysia 

Asam Laksa


Where to go: The Straits Cafe (Petaling Jaya)
Address: G5 Level G Centrepoint, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 
Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47800 

Unleash your inner Singaporean and seize these bargains! Simply drive to Malaysia and pamper yourselves without burning your pocket.

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Guide to Car Rental (Singapore to Malaysia)

Guide to Car Rental (Singapore to Malaysia)

Tired of hectic days in office/school? Driving to Malaysia is the best option to get a quick getaway from Singapore. Cheap food, massage, shopping, you name it! 

Driving to Malaysia might be confusing at first. Here, Drive.SG presents the Ultimate Guide to Car Rental to Malaysia!

1. Border-Crossing Procedure

There are 2 main crossings between Singapore and Malaysia: Woodlands Causeway and Tuas Link.

Woodlands Causeway is usually very crowded, partly due to its slightly cheaper toll fares as compared to that in Tuas Link, although crossing via Tuas Link is usually smoother and less congested.

Leaving Singapore

  • First stop: Immigration booth, where you will be required to present your passport and identification card (Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months before departure).

  • Pay for the toll charges by inserting a NETS CashCard or a CEPAS compliant stored value card (issued by EZ-Link, NETS and Transitlink) into the card reader installed at the immigration booths. An additional $10 fee would be imposed if the toll charges are not deducted at the immigration booth.

Singapore Customs

  • Proceed to the customs and go through the green channel if you have no items to declare. Otherwise, proceed to the red channel.

Fuel check

  • Ensure that your vehicle has a minimum three-quarter tank of petrol when leaving Singapore (required by law). Otherwise, you would risk getting fined.

Entering Malaysia

  • At the Malaysian Immigration Booth, present your passports and currency declaration form.

  • You can use a Touch n Go card to pay for the toll charges. This can be purchased at the side gantry after immigration.

Malaysia Customs

  • All cars will need to stop and open their boot to be checked by the customs officers.

Coming back to Singapore

  • Ensure that you do not bring prohibited items back to Singapore, such as chewing gums, firecrackers, pirated DVDs, etc.

2. Safety Tips

Driving to Malaysia would be made safer with these tips:

  • Always lock your car and keep your valuables out of sight when parking, or even when you need to leave your car for a short while.

  • Get a steering wheel lock to secure your car when parking. At least it helps to deter potential thieves from breaking into a ‘difficult’ car.

  • Install a GPS in your car to aid your navigation. Best if you could plan your routes and resting points beforehand.

  • Malaysian drivers often use right signal indicator or high beam at night to indicate that they are overtaking the vehicle in front. Always check your rear view mirror for flashes of light to look out for this signal from the vehicle behind you.

  • Be careful not to exceed the speeding limit. If you happened to be caught by the traffic police, well, it is commonly known that your RM50 note would come in handy. 

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3. How to Rent Car to Malaysia
Not owning a car? Fret not! Browse our wide range of available rental cars for Malaysia driving, such as sedans, hatchback and MPV. Follow the simple steps below.

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Top 5 Malaysia Road Trip Destinations To Get Lost In This Weekend 
Road Trip Guide to Malaysia - Desaru 

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Car Rental To Malaysia - Top 5 Road Trip Destinations

Car Rental To Malaysia - Top 5 Road Trip Destinations


Looking for a quick getaway? Fret not. Tuck yourselves in these tranquil destinations only a few hours' drive from Singapore!

1. Kukup Island

Source: Kukup Venice Holiday Resort

City dwellers, break away from the usual skyscrapers and explore this rustic century old fishing village. With the village being built entirely on stilts on the sea, there is little wonder that this place is famous for its fresh seafood market, where prices can go as cheap as half the price in Singapore!


This photo of New Kukup Seafood Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The best known seafood restaurant here is Restoran Makanan Laut (New Kukup Restaurant) located  at 66A Kukup Laut, 82300, Kukup, Johor. Be sure to enjoy a great feast here when you’re at Kukup!

Source: Kukup Venice Holiday Resort
Source: National Geographic

Catch Kukup’s beautiful sunset between 6.30 to 7.30 p.m. Also, don’t miss the iconic Kong Ming Lantern festival and fireworks that would definitely be the highlight of your trip.

Getting here from Singapore?

  • Map
  • Duration: Approximately 1 h 37 min

2. Desaru


Being one of the most untouched beaches in the world, Desaru offers you an ideal weekend escape. Pamper yourselves by lazing away in this hidden gem. Bask yourselves in the sun and enjoy the stunning view of the clear blue sea and white sand. Desaru is ideal for surfing too!

Source: Pulai Desaru

Desaru is not merely about sun and beach. Drive to Desaru Ostrich Farm to get in touch (literally) with these friendly ostriches. Plus, you get to purchase ostrich-based products such as the huge ostrich eggs that can weigh up to 1.5 kg! Get tropical by visiting Desaru Fruit Farm too. Indulge in the mouth-watering fruit buffet here in the hot afternoon.

Source: Be My Guest

When night falls, be sure to drive to Kota Tinggi Firefly Park to catch the firefly watching opportunity!

Getting here from Singapore?

  • Map
  • Duration: Approximately 2 h 15 mins
  • You can reach Desaru via the newly opened Senai-Desaru Expressway (Highway E22) and its bridge across the Johor River.

3. Batu Caves at Kuala Lumpur

Source: MIR

Unleash your adventurous side by exploring this limestone outcrop located just north of Kuala Lumpur. Start your day by climbing the 272 steps leading to the iconic Hindu temple situated inside this magnificent cave.

Some tips: Keep any form of edible-looking things (including water bottles) out of sight, unless you’re on friendly terms with the monkeys frolicking around!

Source: This photo of Dark Cave Malaysia is courtesy of TripAdvisor

While you’re here, visiting the Dark Cave Conservation is something you shouldn’t miss. It’s like an Indiana Jones experience. Experience perfect darkness in these caves with its fascinating ecosystem within. Even more, you get to observe the spectacular stalactites and cave columns that took millions of years to form!

Source: Vertical Adventure

Sports enthusiasts, the fun doesn’t stop here! Be sure to grab the rock climbing opportunity here (read: real rock!). The most popular climbing site is Damai Wall, which is only about 15 minutes away from Batu Caves.

Getting here from Singapore?

  • Map
  • Duration: Approximately 3 h 44 min
  • Batu caves are located at the north of Kuala Lumpur, approximately half an hour away
4. Melaka

Source: Global Goose

Interested in getting a taste of history? Melaka shall be in your itinerary. This city is bustling with very diverse history, and it is home to some of the oldest surviving remnants of European architecture. Experience riding trishaw when you’re here to get a true Peranakan experience!


Jonker Street is another must-visit location while you’re here. Its popular night market is open from Friday to Sunday. Pamper your taste buds with the wide variety of street food here. Jonker 88 is known to serve one of the best chendols in Melaka.

Visiting Melaka would be incomplete without taking the Melaka River Cruise. While cruising, you will see beautiful heritage sites that are worth photographing (remember to bring your camera!). Melaka River was dubbed “Venice of The East” by the European traders.

Getting here from Singapore? 
  • Map
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours

5. Cameron Highlands

Source: This photo of Boh Tea Plantation is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Sungai Palas Boh Tea Plantation is a must-visit when you’re at Cameron Highlands. Feast your eyes with this stunning green view, not to mention the cool and crisp air here - a liberation from Singapore’s scorching heat!

Source: This photo of Boh Tea Plantation is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Another popular activity here is to relax at Boh Tea Centre and enjoy the fragrant tea and scone served. This very English tradition dates back to the time when the English colonial officers went to the highland for a cool getaway from the lowland heat.


On a cloudless day, rise early and drive up Gunung Brinchang. Yes, you can drive there although the road could be rather steep. But be prepared to be greeted with this truly breathtaking sunrise view!

Other than tea, Cameron Highlands is also popular for its abundant strawberries. Visit the strawberry farms and pick some fresh strawberries before you head back to Singapore. Tips: Arrive early to get the best picks!

Getting here from Singapore?

  • Maps
  • Possible stopover locations would be KL or Malacca
  • Duration: Approximately 6 h 30 mins

IMPORTANT TIPS for Driving into Malaysia:

1. Ensure that you have a minimum three-quarter tank of petrol in the car when departing Singapore (required by law). You may not be able to pass the causeway otherwise.

2. Ensure that all travellers in your vehicle are carrying valid passports.

3. Always lock your car when you leave it, even at petrol kiosks. Do not leave any valuables inside your car. This is to prevent motor thefts.

4. Purchase the Touch n' Go card at the side gantries at immigration to pay for the toll charges along your journey.

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7 Theme Parks for a Family Vacation in Malaysia

7 Theme Parks for a Family Vacation in Malaysia

Vector Designs from Freepik Amusement Park, Cars

Whether is it the March, June or September Holidays, it's an opportunity for a breather for your kids and family time. Parents, if you're planning to give your children a short break, here's 7 theme parks in Malaysia to bring your kids to on a family trip.


Johor Bahru

Don’t want to venture too far into Malaysia? Or just planning a 1-day trip? Then these amusement parks in Johor Bahru would be the best for you. Recently, Johor Bahru has become home to theme parks featuring well-known animated characters we’ve all watched on our TV screens while growing up. Visit these theme parks and relive your childhood together with the young ones!

1. Legoland Malaysia

From 2014 to date, Legoland Malaysia has been the talk of town. Building on the hype around The Lego Movie in 2014 and their partnerships with popular franchises, this has been the go-to destination for parents. Featuring more than 70 hands-on rides, slides, shows and attractions, Legoland is also separated into lands of different themes and concepts! In each land, there are activities that are designed for various age groups as well. Besides (grownups included) who doesn't like Lego?


Legoland Water Park:

  • Joker Soaker

  • Wave Pool

Legoland Miniland:

  • A miniature replica of Asia’s famous landmarks. Try spotting Singapore’s very own Merlion when you visit the attraction!

Lego City, Land of Adventure, Imagination, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdom


Legoland Hotel

In the Legoland Hotel, choose from the three popular legoland themes: Pirate , Kingdom or Adventure. The rooms include two separate sleeping areas, with a king-size bed for grown-ups, and a separate area for up to three little ones, and your very own TV!



1 Hour Travel by Car

Parking Charges

RM9 (~SGD3.39)

Ticket prices:

(Theme park & Water park Combo)

Adult - RM195(~SGD73.48)

Child - RM155(~SGD58.41)

Want to know more:

2. Playtime Theme Parks (Hello Kitty Town & The Little Big Club)

Surely everyone knows the beloved feline, Hello Kitty? How about Bob the Builder and Barney? These classics are all featured in Playtime’s Theme Parks which includes Hello Kitty Town and The Little Big Club. There are various activities that you can take part in both theme parks!


Hello Kitty Town :

  • Activities: Black Wonder, Purrfect Stage, Teacup Rides, Dream Garden, Kitty House , Wishful Studio

  • Entertainment Shows: Hello Kitty Heartful Journey, Happy Carnival , Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel

The Little Big Club :

  • Level 2 Themed rides and games: Bob the Builder Play Structure, Barney’s Playhouse

  • Level 3 Thomas & Friends Themed rides

  • Entertainment shows: Meet and Greet Barney, Angelina Ballerina Dance Class, Lunch with Bob the Builder


Hotels Nearby:
  1. Traders Hotel, Puteri Harbour

  2. LEGOLAND® Hotel

  3. Tune Hotel, Danga Bay

  4. Pulai Springs Resort


20 Minutes drive from Johor Bahru

Parking Charges

Free of Charge

Ticket prices:

Ticket prices: (2 Park Pass)

Adult/Child - RM110(~SGD41.45)

Want to know more:

3. Angry Birds Park

Let’s not forget the popular mobile game, Angry Birds. Other than the number of Angry Bird characters you can find around the park , the park is also separated into various themes such as Danger Zone , Utopia , Classic and also South Beach! Other than the range of activities you can take part in, you can also visit the Angry Bird shop and cafe with your child!



Danger Zone

  • Lazer Bird Scoot

  • Space Drop Air Bag


  • Piggy Shooting Gallery

  • Air Parkour Track

  • Anti-gravity Trampoline

  • Bird Wire Slack Line

  • Giant Leap Foam Pit


  • Bird Nest Climbing Track

  • Angry Bird Go Kart!

South Beach

  • Angry Bird Video Game

  • Balance Bike Lagoon

  • Captain Black Bird Ship

  • Red Bird Sona


Amansari Hotel City Centre , Tropical Inn


30 Minutes from Johor Bahru

Parking Details

Park at City Square Mall

Ticket prices:

Ticket prices: RM75 (~SGD28.26)

Family pass (4pax) - RM280(~SGD105.52)

Want to know more:


If you have planned more time away from work to spend with your family, bringing your children to Malacca would be good for the cultural exposure. There are many interesting landmarks steeped in history dotted all over Malacca Town. However, kids might get bored of these attractions after a while. So here we have 1 suggestion to re-energise your kids: a WATER PARK!

4. Melaka Wonderland

Another popular destination would be the Melaka Wonderland! It is a water theme park that appeals to both the local and overseas tourists! The theme park contains up to 16 different exciting attractions such as the Tornado Chaser and Big Wave Pool. The Adventure Island is also surrounded by 360 hectares of natural recreation forest, allowing your family to enjoy the breathtaking view of the natural environment while having fun.


Tornado Chaser, Big Wave Pool, Aqua Bubbles & many more


Mahkota Hotel Melaka


~4 hours travel

Parking Charges

RM5 (~SGD1.88) - One time entry

Ticket prices:

Adult - RM36 (~SGD13.57)

Child - RM30.40 (~SGD11.46)

Want to know more:

Kuala Lumpur

Head into Malaysia a little further and you will reach Kuala Lumpur, known for the Petronas Twin Towers. Besides this iconic landmark, there are places you can bring your kids to as well! Let us give you 2 examples.

5. Berjaya Times Square Theme Park


Fantasy Garden, Galaxy Station, Molly Cool’s Swing, Kids Theatre , Honey Bump and many more!


The Federal Kuala Lumpur


~4 hours travel from Singapore

Parking Charges


Ticket prices:

Adult - RM48 (~SGD18.09)

Child - RM38 (~SGD 14.32)

Want to know more:

6. Sunway Lagoon

It’s parks galore! With so many different theme parks in one place, your kids will be spoilt for choice. We suggest staying for more than a day to get the best that Sunway Lagoon has to offer.


Water Park, Amusement Park, Wildlife Park, Extreme Park, Scream Park


Treat your family to Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa or Sunway Pyramid Tower East for a well-deserved stay and fun-filled times at Sunway Lagoon theme park.


~4 hours travel from Singapore

Parking Charges

Sunway Pyramid Car Park:

1 RM for first 3-4 Hours

1 RM for each additional hours

Ticket prices:

Adult - RM145 (~SGD54.64)

Child - RM115(~SGD43.34)

Want to know more:

7. Genting Highland

With Singapore stuck in a dry spell recently, take the opportunity to escape to a much cooler climate. In Genting, there’s much to do, with something for every member of the family.



First World Plaza Indoor Theme Park - Snow World, 4D Motion Master theatrical ride, Genting Sky Venture, Genting Skyway Cable Car rides


Crockfords, Genting Grand , Resort Hotel and many more! Find more at this link:


~5 hours travel from Singapore

Parking Charges

Open Carpark opposite Genting Hotel- 20 RM

Ticket prices:

~RM38 (~SGD14.32)

Want to know more:

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