Drive.SG's Quick Guide to Renting a Car for Chinese New Year

Drive.SG's Quick Guide to Renting a Car for Chinese New Year

The guide has been updated for Chinese New Year 2017. Check out Chinese New Year 2017 Car Rental Guide below!

It’s that time of the year again in Singapore where everyone of Chinese ethnicity prepares for the New Year and heads home to celebrate with their families.

If you’re looking to rent a car to head home to go on a holiday, here’s a quick primer on what you need to know about renting with us during the Chinese New Year period.

Quick Background on Car Rentals during Chinese New Year

Photo by photo_gratis under Creative Commons with Commercial Usage.

As everyone heads home to visit their relatives and friends, there will be an influx of people heading to Malaysia or visiting in Singapore with their families.

That typically means two things when it comes to getting around during the Chinese New Year period if you don’t own a car.

  • First, it’s hard to use public transportation or get a cab during this period as well, many drivers and taxis are also doing their own visitations. On top of that, the frustration of getting transport is compounded if you are making multiple trips usually.

  • Second, the demand for rental cars during this period will be at an all time high for this period. Many peolpe will be looking to to avoid public transportation to transport their family.

Some Common Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the top questions that we have receied from our customer.

Q1. Why are they all 7 day packages? Are there any 1 day rentals?

Majority of the Car Rental companies in Singapore sell 7 day packages as these packages help to cover manpower constraints. This will give their own staff to do their own visitations. As a result, they will not be operating during the festive period.
It’s rare to find a single day rental company that is open on Chinese New Year. There may be unlicensed private rentals but we advise against it due to a couple of reasons.

  • Unclear service agreements - It's fine when nothing goes wrong but it is unclear who is liable and what damages are to be paid if something does. Being unclear on what you've agreed on also leaves it to interpretation and they may hold it against you.
  • Insurance coverage - The risks of accidents and costs of repairs should already be calculated and accounted for as a business risk for all legitimate car rental companies. Hence, insurance helps them to mitigate the risks. Private rentals may not have the required insurance and it's also unclear how much damage would you be liable for.

Q2. Why are prices so high? Why is there a surcharge compared to normal days?

  • Packages from car rental companies are sold in 7 day packages, increasing the total cost.

  • Demand during the period is overwhelming hence all car rental companies increase their prices during these periods. Eg. Peak Hour Surcharges in Taxis.

Click here to view Chinese New Year Cars in One Page 

Tips for Renting During Chinese New Year

Tip #1 Book Early

Booking Early means a wider variety of car models at all price points. More popular models or cheaper packages tend to get snapped up early.

Plus, Drive.SG tend to give earlybird discounts 2 months before Chinese New Year. (Update: Earlybird discounts live now!)

Tip #2 Ensure you’re clear on what you’re renting 

On top of the confounding complexity for first time rentals, there are also additional considerations when it comes to Chinese New Year. Here’s what you should specifically look out for especially when renting during Chinese New Year.

  • Car Specifics

    • Does it cater to Probation Drivers? Does it allow Malaysia Entry?

    • Due to insurance reasons, some rental companies do not rent out to probation drivers or allow Malaysia Entry. Eg. Probation drivers are considered at a higher risk of accident, hence increasing the cost of insurance.
  • Package Dates

    • While majority of Companies only do week long packages, there are slight variations in their dates, usually a difference of one or two dates.

    • Be clear on what type of package dates are available. Eg. 26th Jan to 2nd Feb 2017 or 27th Jan to 3rd Feb 2017

  • Package Prices

    • The prices quoted would be based on a list that these companies should publish publicly. Always ask for the list, it’s usually priced based on car categories of that car rental partner.

    • Prices vary from partner to partner but usually are upwards of $888 for a base class sedan.

Tip #3 Be Clear on Additional Surcharges

  • Heading to Malaysia? Need a child seat? Having a second driver?

  • Be aware that these add ons are typically not included for most rentals and are payable on collection of the car (that way you can still change your mind if you decided not to go to Malaysia)

  • Premium partners may include some add-ons. eg. Second Driver but it's still a good practice to factor them when evaluating the different cars.


There are over 100 Car Rental Companies in Singapore, to call every car rental company on the models and rates available to make a full comparison is hard.

Of course, you can find most of these information consolidated on one website at Drive.SG’s Chinese New Year’s page, that would make it easier for you to decide which cars you’re looking to book.

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Car Rental Terms, Jargon & Terminology Explained

Car Rental Terms, Jargon & Terminology Explained

Part 3 of how to Rent a Car in Singapore

Part 1: Making the booking

1. Background on Renting

2. Finding a car for your needs

3. Choosing a Rental Company

4. Booking the Car

Part 2: Collecting & Returning

5. Collecting the Car

6. Driving

7. Returning

8. Specific Scenarios

Here’s some of the more confusing terms you might probably encounter in the course of you renting a car in Singapore. Worry not, we’ll explain each term so that you’ll know what you’re getting into when it comes to the terms & conditions of renting a car.

Collision Damage Waiver
  • Option for users to lower the insurance excess.
Insurance Coverage
  • 3rd Party Insurance is the bare legal minimum under Singapore Law. It covers damage to others(people and property) in an accident deemed to be your fault. Any damage to the rental car and yourself will be borne by you.
  • Comprehensive Insurance provides the most complete car insurance coverage. It covers damages to others (people and property) and damages to the rental car and your injuries (check with rental agency).
Insurance Excess
  • The maximum amount to which you are liable for when you do get into an accident with the rental car. Any reparation email above this excess is covered by insurance under the terms of the insurance coverage.
  • Dictates the travel distance. Not so much of an issue locally but more so when you do head into Malaysia or when driving in big countries. Eg. US, Australia.
Malaysia Surcharge
  • Additional daily cost for driving into Malaysia. This charge typically covers the additional insurance of driving overseas in Malaysia. Most companies charge it, some don’t.
Named Driver
  • The name of the one driving the rental car. Of note because the insurance often only insures the named driver. 2nd drivers might be added.
Petrol Policy
  • The common petrol policy is to return the petrol at the same level as upon collection of the car. Any petrol above or below what was received should be compensated to you in fair amount by the rental company.
Security/Rental Deposit
  • A sum of money held on top of the rental rate to ensure the cost of repair/damages in the case of any damage to the car by the renter during the time of lease. For car rentals, it’s almost always refundable.

Did we miss any terms that you’re looking for OR have an idea how we could improve this article? Let us know in the comments or email us at

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The Comprehensive Guide on Renting a Car in Singapore (Part 2)

The Comprehensive Guide on Renting a Car in Singapore (Part 2)

Contents we’ll cover

Here’s what we’ll be covering. Feel free to skip ahead to the relevant sections.

If you’ve missed Part 1, here’s the link or feel free to click any of the links of the contents page.

Part 1: Making the booking

1. Background on Renting

2. Finding a car for your needs

3. Choosing a Rental Company

4. Booking the Car

Part 2: Collecting & Returning

5. Collecting the Car

6. Driving

7. Returning

8. Specific Scenarios

Glossary of Car Rental Terms

5. Collecting the Car

Source: Pixabay

5.1 Turning up for Collection
  • Turn up 30 minutes in advance of the pickup time
5.2 Bring
  • Class 3 Driving License
  • Original Identification Card
  • Security Deposit (if required)
  • Booking confirmation
  • If Foreign License, bring a proof of address (eg. phone, electricity bill)
5.3 Collection process

The collection process takes 15 minutes to 30 mins on average. Exceptions include peak periods or if there’s a queue of customers. The collection process should take the following steps.

  1. Present Reservation Confirmation
  2. Read & Verify the Vehicle Rental Agreement Terms (example here
  3. Inspect the car you’re renting
  4. Agreement of Rental
5.3.1 Reservation Confirmation

The proof of reservation depends on the method that you’ve booked the rental at. If you have booked online, most sites will give proof of reservation. If you have booked direct with the rental company, they may use a reference phone number or your personal identification number.

If you have booked through Drive.SG, your reservation will look like this.

5.3.2 Vehicle Rental Agreement

Sample Vehicle Rental Agreement. Car rental agreements vary from company to company, hence it is not all encompassing.

This document governs the legal contract/agreement with the rental company when it comes to the usage of the rental car. All rental car companies should have this. Insist on it if the rental company does not present you with this.

A proper agreement should cover

  • Details of Renter, Rentee, Dates of Rental
  • Vehicle Condition at point of handover
  • Terms of Rental

You may view a sample example of a vehicle rental agreement here. Details of Rental

This portion includes (not limited) the following

  • Hirer’s particulars: Name, NRIC & Contact Details etc.
  • Car Model & Make
  • Duration of Rental: Start, End
  • Car Options/Requests: Probation Plate, GPS, Child Seats, Delivery detalis
  • Rental Rate: Payable Amount & Refundable deposit amount Vehicle Condition

You should run through a proper handover of the current condition of the car with the car rental employee.

Ensure that dents, scratches, marks are properly marked out on the visual representation of the model in the vehicle rental agreement.

Ensure that any damage to the car is marked out and commented on the model itself.

Car Exterior

  • Scratches / Worn Out paint
  • Dents
  • Tyres
  • Rim Damages
  • Brake Cracks

Car Interior

  • Seats
  • Steering Wheel
  • Spare Tyre
  • Mileage of car

If this step is skipped, insist upon it. This ensures that both parties are aware of the condition of the vehicle at the time of handover. You do not want to liable for damages that were because of the previous renter due to sloppy documentation.

Drive.SG Tip: We advise to cover your a$$ by taking pictures from the 4 main angles of the rental car with your smartphone at the point of handover.

It takes less than a minute but can save you on potential disagreements. Terms of Rental

The common terms of rental does include

  • Terms of use
  • Liability of Renter
  • Traffic Offences
  • Condition on return of the car

Once you’re agreeable to the terms of the rental, only then should you sign the document. The company must make a copy of the agreement for you.

6. Driving the Car

Rental Cars in other countries. Source: Wikicommons Under CC-SA 4

Beyond the basics of driving the car, we do advise the following:

  • Drive in adherence to the traffic regulations
  • The driver has to be the named driver at all times
  • Cashcard & Parking charges are to be borne by you
  • Don’t use it for Grabcar or Uber
    • Most rentals are not certified nor covered by the appropriate insurance for Uber/Grabcar

What happens if you have a traffic infraction? See Specific Scenarios

7. Returning the Car

On Time. Watch = Time.

While returning the car,

  • It’s a common practice to return the car 30 minutes before the return time
    • This allows the car rental company to out process and clean up for the subsequent renter. Afterall, you could be the receiver of it.
  • Remember to take your belongings
  • Do a handover with the car rental company
  • Ensure that the rental company provides you with documentation to conclude that the car has been returned. It typically is the Vehicle Rental Agreement.
  • If you have paid a rental deposit, remember to collect it back.

TIP: Hold on to the VRA for a month just in case. It's a good reference in case of any traffic law violations. This helps provide a reference to ensure if the details match. See the Specific Scenarios section for more details.

8. Specific Scenarios

Exaggeration of traffic infraction. For illustration purposes only.

8.1 Finding & renting
What if I’m a foreigner or hold a foreign driving license?

If your license is not in English, you would need an international driving permit to certify you can drive.

If you have been in Singapore as a employment pass holder/ permanent resident, your overseas license is valid for a period of 1 year on entry to Singapore.

After 1 year, it is compulsory for you to convert to a Singaporean license to even drive in Singapore or rent a car.

For more details on conversion of foreign licenses, do check out the official government page.

8.2 Collection
The car I was given was not the one I booked

All rental companies, even international brands, do not guarantee the make, model, brand, colour as stated in the terms and conditions.

  • If available, they will try to give you the car you have booked.
  • If not, most car rental companies will replace with a car of similar category or provide a 1 tier upgrade at no cost.
They asked me to top up an amount to upgrade the car when my car is not available.

This situation might happen if the company is out of cars of similar class or 1 tier higher to replace with. Hence for a nominal fee and if you are agreeable, the replacement would be even beyond 1 tier upgrade. Eg. Picanto to a BMW.

Again, it depends on whether you’re agreeable with it. If not,

  • If you’ve booked directly, we advise to find another company to rent with.
  • If you’ve booked through Drive.SG, give us a call on our emergency hotline. We help to talk to our partners to attempt to resolve issues or even find a last minute replacement instead.
They do not have my reservation in the system

If you have booked directly, try confirming with other booking details. Ensure that the details you booked under and the details on collection are the same. Usually, they are able to provide a vehicle for walk in cases. If not, you would probably have to find another company.

If you have booked through Drive.SG, double check the reservation details and location. Then call us at our emergency hotline. We help to check with the partner, or in worse scenarios, do a replacement from nearby partners in the event they cannot fulfill.

8.3 While Driving
What to do if you get into an accident?
  1. Stop the vehicle
  2. If there are injuries, provide or call for medical assistance
  3. Gather & exchange information from those involved & any witnesses. Do not admit or discuss liability at this stage.
  4. If a camera is available, take pictures of the damaged vehicles
  5. Call the rental company to inform them of the accident
8.4 After return
What happens if you have damages to the car?
  • Check with what was recorded on the handover section of the Vehicle Rental Agreement
  • Check with any photo evidence on whether the damage was there even before the rental
What happens if you have a traffic infraction? Or if you have received a summons from the Traffic Police. Or the rental company told you that you did so?
  • Ask for the copy of the Traffic Police Notice
  • Check back on your documentation as to whether the details of the rental and dates match
  • If the details do not match & you’re not the driver responsible for the infraction(eg. car license plate, rental dates do not match), bring it up to the rental company. If you’ve rented through Drive.SG, give us a call and email us with the supporting documents.


For a glossary of common car rental terms defined, check out our glossary.


That’s all folks!

Did we leave something out? Let us know what else you'd like to know in the comments OR email us at

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• Compare from over 50+ Partners, All in One Website

• All Prices & T&Cs are clearly displayed

• No booking fees & no additional charge to the renter


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The Comprehensive Guide on Renting a Car in Singapore

The Comprehensive Guide on Renting a Car in Singapore

Introduction & How to use this guide

So.. You want to rent a car in Singapore huh. If this is your first time, renting a car can be daunting. If it’s your subsequent times, you may have encountered the rare unpleasant experience when it comes to renting a car in Singapore.

Regardless of whether you’re a experienced renter or a first timer, there’s always some knowledge that this guide can help with.

This guide aims to help get you up to speed when it comes to the whole process of renting a car. From background knowledge, finding a car, car rental terminologies till after you return the rental car.

This guide is separated into 2 parts. Part 1 (this page!) details the process of finding a car till making the reservation, Part 2 (link here) details from collecting the car to the return of the car & also goes into the specific scenarios.

Tips are highlighted in block quotes when there’s a good tip pertinent to the content.

Contents we’ll cover

Here’s what we’ll be covering. Feel free to skip ahead to the relevant sections.

Part 1: Making the booking

1. Background on Renting

2. Finding a car for your needs

3. Choosing a Rental Company

4. Booking the Car

Part 2: Collecting & Returning

5. Collecting the Car

6. Driving

7. Returning

8. Specific Scenarios

Glossary of Car Rental Terms

1. Background on Renting

Mini. But not Coopers. Source: Pixabay

What makes renting daunting?

Paradox of Choice - There are over 150+ Rental Companies in Singapore, from big international brands (eg. Avis, Hertz, Europcar) to the local rental companies. Choice is a good thing but too much choice can be overwhelming.

Industry Reputation - For any industry, it’s always the case of the few bad apples that spoil the barrel. Be it from budget airlines (who hasn’t heard of the horror stories) to eateries, the rental car industry is also no exception to it.

Lack of Information - While many rental companies have online sites, it’s rare to find one with terms of rental upfront or regularly updated. It’s likely you would only know the full terms on collection, leaving you little choice because you’re already there with no other options.

2. Finding a car for your needs

Renting a car... less popular than renting a wife.

Only you would know what car suits your need best. Hence we’ll be going through general rule of thumb when it comes to renting.

2.1 Car Type

While many rental companies categorise their rental fleet according to set tiers. Cars of similar make/capacity are usually grouped together. As a whole, cars are typically categorised as such, though the tiers vary from partner to partner.

2.2 Dates

Be clear on the dates that you're looking for. It's a good practice to book in advance of the dates (eg. 2 weeks to 1 month before). Rental rates are typically are the same through the year except for the following 2 main scenarios that affect your rental rates.

2.2.1 Weekdays vs Weekends

Rental companies practice price differentiation between weekday and weekend rentals because there is a higher demand for rental cars during weekends. Secondly, local partners typically do not operate on weekends due to manpower constraints.

  • For one day weekend rentals. Eg. Pickup Saturday, Return Sunday are done by international brands but at a price premium to cover the manpower costs.
  • If you’re renting for the whole weekend, you may find competitive rates & more choices if you do a Friday pickup and Monday return with the local companies.

Drive.SG Tip: If you’re looking for a car for the whole weekend, you might find cheaper rates if you do a Friday Pickup and Monday Return with local companies.

2.2.2 Festive Periods

The peak periods for rental cars are typically in the festive periods (Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Christmas) & to a lesser extent holidays that are on a Friday or Monday, making it a long weekend. Expect Car Rental rates to go up due to 2 factors.

  • Peak period surcharge - There’s always a high demand for rental cars during these dates. If you’re not willing to pay for it, there’s always others that are willing to. This means higher daily rates.
  • Set Package Dates - Often a major holiday means that staff are usually on holiday as well. Many rental companies close off for the period and hence renters have to rent for the entire period. This means that you'd rent for longer than you necessarily would.
2.3 Driving to Malaysia?
  • Some rental partners don’t allow Malaysia entry. Because their cars aren’t covered for Malaysia Entry.
  • Furthermore, rental partners who do so might have additional surcharges for Malaysia entry.
    Some rare rental partners do not charge for Malaysia entry at all.

All in all, it's wise to check with the partner if they allow Malaysia entry.

2.4 Your Driving Experience

If you’re not a probation driver, skip ahead.

If you’re a probation driver and/or with less than 1 year driving experience in Singapore,

  1. Not all rental companies rent out to probation drivers simply because the more inexperienced a driver is, the more expensive the insurance coverage is for rental companies.
  2. Rental companies that rent out to probation drivers might have clauses in the T&Cs that increase the insurance excess if the renter is still under the probationary license. 

If you’re using Drive.SG to find a car, you can click here for our list of rental cars for probation drivers. 

Drive.SG Tip: Newly converted Singapore licenses are also considered probation drivers despite their overseas driving experience

2.5 Other Partner Options

Beyond the basic car types and dates, there are a couple of considerations you would need to make when deciding where to rent from. This is where it gets really tricky and confusing due to the car rental jargon and legalese.

There’s a great difference in terms of policies when it comes to the available options. Most of these options are specific to the company. Eg. It’s likely they share the same insurance plans.

2.5.1 Insurance Coverage (3rd Party vs Comprehensive)
  • 3rd Party Insurance - covers damage to others(people and property) in an accident deemed to be your fault. Damage to the rental car and yourself will be borne by you.
  • Comprehensive Insurance - covers damages to others (people and property) and includes damages to the rental car and your injuries
2.5.2 Insurance Excess
  • Maximum amount to which you are liable for when you do get into an accident with the rental car.
2.5.3 Collision Damage Waiver
  • Option for users to lower the insurance excess.
2.5.4 Security/Rental Deposit
  • A refundable sum of money held on top of the rental rate to ensure the cost of repair/damages in the case of any damage to the car by the renter during the time of lease. Returned at the end of rental.

3. Choosing a Rental Company

Guess what, it's the same company. Same, same but different.

3.1 Finding a Rental Company

Once you’re clear on what you need and understand the terms, you may start searching online, looking through yellow pages, calling rental companies.

It can be a time consuming process and besides, we have a vested interest in this so…

Plug from Drive.SG

You may compare rates, get exclusive deals, member rewards from 50+ partners in Singapore with Drive.SG.

3.2 Choosing the Rental Company

Beyond the above options that varies with rental companies, here are some general guide when choosing between rental companies.

3.2.1 Price vs Tradeoffs

While it’s often the assumption that you would want everything (eg. No Malaysia Surcharge, Comprehensive Insurance etc.), the available choices depends on your budget and how much you are willing to pay for all the options.

3.2.2 Brand Name vs Local & Partner Reputation

International brands are assumed to have better service and quality of rental cars. That may not always be true, there are local companies that have been feedback to have a better maintenance of cars and even better service than that of the international brands.

Drive.SG Tip: Drive.SG collects ratings & reviews from real customers of Drive.SG on our partners to help you make the right choice.

3.2.3 Private Car Owners vs Rental Companies

Legally, under the Private Car Rental Scheme, private owners are only allowed to rent out their cars on Weekends Friday 7pm to the following Monday 7am and from 7pm on the eve of the public holiday till 7am of the first working day following the public holiday.

Documentation from a private car owner may not be as thorough nor legally binding. While many might not see the need for documentation, it’s a good practice to be clear on the terms of the rental in case of accidents or emergencies.

Insurance - you are never too sure if there is adequate insurance coverage for the rental & whether it covers you. It’s a common complaint that private renters do not have adequate insurance plans. Always check before you rent.

3.2.4 Tips on Comparing
  • Have a budget in mind and be clear on what you're looking for
  • Be flexible in dates (+/- 1 day) if possible, sometimes it might open up possibilities in cars.
  • Cheaper doesn’t always mean better - Be aware of what you’re tradeoffs you’re making and if you’re comfortable with these tradeoffs if not

4. Making the reservation

Drive.SG: The site that saves you time and money ;-)

4.1 Walk in vs Reservations

While you can do a walk in reservations, it’s often advised to make a car reservation in advance

  • Weekends are usually fully booked
  • Wider choice of cars when you book in advance
  • Cheaper Rates if you book in advance
  • Be assured of your bookings during peak periods
4.2 Information Required

Whether you’re calling direct or booking online through Drive.SG, reservations require the following details of the driver

  • Named Driver
  • NRIC Number
  • Birthdate
  • License Issue Date
  • Contact Number
4.3 Payment
4.3.1 Payment Methods

Be aware not all car rental companies accept credit cards (because the cost of machines, monthly transactions are borne by the business).

Alternatively, Drive.SG accepts Paypal, Major Credit Cards, Bank Transfers (Only 1 week in advance of collection date) as a convenience to booking online.

Whatever your choice is, once payment has been made, you should get a confirmation of the reservation. If booked online with Drive.SG, the receipt is emailed to you.

4.3.2 After payment

After getting your confirmation, there’s nothing to be done till the date of your rental.

End of Part 1

That’s the end of Part 1 from finding the car to making the reservation for the car. That’s the easy part actually, instead where renters run into the most problems is on the collection of the car itself.

The continuation of this guide in Part 2 covers the process of collecting the car, returning the car, specific scenarios you might run into & the glossary of terms.

Head on to Part 2

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  • Compare from over 50+ Partners, All in One Website
  • All Prices & T&Cs are clearly displayed
  • No booking fees & no additional charge to the renter


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The Ultimate Guide to P-Plate Car Rental

The Ultimate Guide to P-Plate Car Rental

Hey there, P-Plate Drivers!

Congratulations on passing your driving tests! Now it's time to put your skills on the road.

No car? Renting a car is another great option. It’s cheaper and made more convenient with Drive.SG! This guide is designed especially for P-Plate car renters. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Which car to choose?

As a new driver, safety will be your main concern in choosing a car. Smaller cars tend to be easier for young drivers to handle and be comfortable with. Here are some cars we recommend for you.
     Suzuki Swift Sports
  • Sporty look
  • Great safety features 

Honda Fit

  • Fun-to-drive car
  • Compact size for easy parking

Subaru Impreza

  • Easy to use
  • Great stability even on wet roads

2. Get to know some terms

Confused over the difficult terms used in car renting? Here's a glossary for you.

  • Insurance Excess
    An insurance excess is a contribution you are required to pay if you make a claim on the car insurance in the event of an accident. The rest of the claims will then be paid by the insurance company. The amount of insurance excess may be higher if you are driving to Malaysia

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
    You can pay an additional small amount to reduce the insurance excess you will be liable for in the event of an accident.

  • Named Driver
    This is the person who is covered by the car insurance if he is the one driving. Some car companies allow more than one named driver for an additional fee.

  • Rental Deposit
    Some car rental companies require you to pay a certain amount of money as a security deposit, which is refundable.

  • Malaysia Surcharge
    There will be additional surcharge for driving the car to Malaysia.

  • Petrol Policy
    You have to return the rented vehicle with the same level of petrol it had on the day you collect the vehicle. For example, if the car had full petrol when you collect it on the first day, you have to return the with full petrol on the last day

3. Compare across car rental companies

Now, you can start comparing the different rates and regulations across different car rental companies. Here, we feature our 4 partners that are P-Plate friendly.

  CL Leasing AKA Car Rental Neo Rental and Resources RR Rental LLP
Location Bukit Batok  West Coast  Farrer Park  Boon Lay
Variety of cars for P-Plate drivers 24  11  29  8
Price Range $69.56 - $321.01   $70 - $95  $70 - $120  $58 - $150
Minimum Age 18  18  18  18
Booking Limitations Min. 1 day  Min. 2 days  Min. 1 day  Min. 1 day
Driving Mileage Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited  Unlimited
Insurance Excess $7000  $10,000  $10,000  $6000
P-Plate surcharge None  None  None  $20/day
Entry to Malaysia No  No  Yes  Yes
Rental Deposit $200-$300 (Cash or NETS)  $0  $0  $500 (Cash only)

4. Make Your Booking

With Drive.SG, bookings are made online. Hence, it saves you from the hassle of having to call different car rental companies to compare their rates. Here are the simple steps to follow to rent a car from us.

 i. Browse
 We have an extensive range of cars you can choose from. For your convenience, use our filtering tool to filter for probation cars or your favourite car model.

ii. Select the Car
Found a car you liked? Click on the car and select your pickup and return date. 


iii. Add-Ons
Complement your drive with our Add-on options. For example, installing GPS on your car would be useful to aid your road navigation as a new driver.  Payment for add-ons will be made at the counter during collection

iv. Payment and Attractive Discounts 
Then you're ready to make your payment. Payment is also made online through Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer if you’d prefer to do so. Look out for our ongoing promotions
 here and enter our seasonal Voucher Codes at checkout to enjoy attractive discount packages! 

Click here to browse P-Plate Cars 

5. Collecting the Car

On the day itself, you can pick the car up from the designated location and bring the following items along:

i. A receipt of your booking from Drive.SG
ii. Original NRIC
iii. Original Driving Licence
iv. Cash for rental deposit (if any - we will inform you of the amount if required)

The car rental company will go through the vehicle rental agreement with you and take note of the car conditions prior to your usage. This is to make sure that if there are existing damages on certain parts of the car before you use it, you are not held liable for it.

6. Return

After you use the car for the agreed period, return the car to the same location you collected the car from on your first day. Adhere to the agreed timing when returning the car. Additional fees are payable for late return. As mentioned above, return the car with the same level of petrol as it was on the first day.

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