The Festival Of Light

The Festival Of Light

The Festival Of Light

Diwali is also known as Deepavali, Dipavali, Dewali, Deepawali or the Festival of Lights. The origin of Diwali story is different based upon where they are from

In northern India they celebrate the story of King Rama's return to Ayodhya after he defeated Ravana by lighting rows of clay lamps.

Southern India celebrates it as the day that Lord Krishna defeated the demon Narakasura.

And in western India the festival marks the day that Lord Vishnu, the Preserver (one of the main gods of the Hindu trinity) sent the demon King Bali to rule the nether world.

Regardless of the interpretations, one common thread rings true—the festival marks the victory of good over evil.

Millions of Hindus around the world celebrate Diwali with gift exchanges, fireworks and festive meals. People lit their house with festive light to symbolizes the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness.

Diwali is celebrated over a number of days. On the first day of Diwali, people consider it auspicious to spring clean the home and shop for gold or kitchen utensils. On the second day, people decorate their homes with clay lamps and create design patterns called rangoli on the floor using colored powders or sand. The third day is the main day of the festival when families gather together for Lakshmi puja, a prayer to Goddess Lakshmi followed by mouth-watering feasts and firework festivities. The fourth day is the first day of the new year when friends and relatives visit with gifts and best wishes for the season. Finally on the last day of Diwali, brothers visit their married sisters who welcome them with love and a lavish meal.

In Singapore, it's not hard to notice a Hindu home during Diwali. Each doorway boasts a beautiful, vividly-coloured picture created out of flour, rice or flower petals. At Little India during Diwali, the streets are transformed into a fantasyland of colourful arches and stunning lights.

You can also head over to the Diwali Festival Village. This bazaar bustles with stallholders who peddle everything from festive knick-knacks to seasonal snacks

This Diwali, why not rent a car and enjoy the festival to its fullest? We have a large variety of different types of vehicle available to  rental. You can definitely find a car that is perfect got you!

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Car Rental 101 (Car Model)

Car Rental 101 (Car Model)


Sometime it can be hard to differentiate the types of cars and what they can be use for. We have prepared a guide to help have a better idea of how to differentiate the different types of cars and help you to find your perfect car.

1) Sedan

Sedan is the most common passenger car. Usually featuring a large truck and able to sit up to 5 people. A sedan is the most popular vehicle among car renters.

Subaru Impreza
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Toyota Altis
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2) Hatchback

The main difference between a hatchback and a sedan is the cargo space and the cargo access. A sedan has a trunk and window in the rear where the hood of the trunk is hinged below the window. A hatchback also has cargo space and a rear window, but the trunk lid hinges above the rear window. By folding down the rear seats, the cargo space is nearly tripled of a sedan. This makes it popular vehicle among families or individuals who would like to carry a lot of gears into the vehicle.

Honda Fit
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Mazda 2
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3) Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV)

MPV  or more commonly known as the family car, is taller than a Sedan and is more spacious with more legroom for passengers. While the smaller MPV has enough seats for 5 people, the larger MPVs can sit up to 7. So if you are planning an outing with your all your friends or family members, you can't go wrong with a MPV.

Honda Stream
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Toyota Wish
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4) Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV)

SUV are large types of cars, which looks likes a mini truck compared to the van-like MPV. SUVs are commonly fitted with four doors, high ground clearance, bigger tyres, higher power with high load carrying ability and large legroom. If you are going to be driving on rough textured roads or having a heavy load, a SUV is the car for you.

Toyota Rush
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Nissan Dualis
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5) Luxury

Luxury car is usually the most stylish and comfortable vehicle out on the road. Sporting higher quality equipments and better performance, if you are looking for a comfortable and stylist fast drive, a luxury car will be the best for you.

Honda Accord
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Toyota Camry 2.4
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Now that you know how to differentiate the different types of cars. You can now choose the perfect car for yourself. To help you to make a decision, we are having a promotion now. Choose and rent a car from alarge selection of vehicle for just $50 a day.

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What Is Car Leave?

What Is Car Leave?

When you lease a long term vehicle, you will be paying rental everyday even when you are not driving. 

Lease a car from Drive.SG to be entitled annual leave (free rental) so you can enjoy your holiday with a carefree mind when you are not using the vehicle!


Step 1. Lease a car from Drive.SG selected car rental

Step 2. Inform our car rental dates you like to take leave and how many days at least 2 weeks in advance.

Step 3. Return the car back to car rental office.

Step 4. Car rental will reimburse your daily rental cost.



Leasing Duration

Leave entitled / Free rental

1 month leasing

1 day

3 month leasing

3 days

6 month leasing

6 days

12 month leasing

14 days


*T&Cs Applies

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Short Trip For School Holiday

Short Trip For School Holiday

School Holiday is ending soon! Have you made full use of it to get some well deserve family time? We have prepared a list of places for you and your family to spend some quality time together! Check them out!


1. District 21

District21 is a first of its kind, apocalypse themed Adventure Park. This action park is located in a 70,000 sq.ft, indoor premise with a 55ft air-conditioned atrium, within IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. With 10 prominent attractions from High Ropes to Maze, there is something for everyone in the family.


2. Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & The Little Big Club

Are you a Hello Kitty fan? Why not pay a visit to the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, the first Sanrio Hello Kitty Town theme park outside of Japan. Not only can you enjoy the various walk-through attractions, interactive activities and rides, you can also create your very own Sanrio souvenirs.

While you are there, why not visit The Little Big Club as well. Enjoy the day with the popular characters from Barney, Angelina Ballerina, Bob the Builder, and Thomas The Tank Engine. It would be a fun day for you and your kids! Drive down to Puteri Harbour today and enjoyed a fun filled day with the whole family.


3. "Dinosaurs Alive" Water Theme Park

Breaking news! Dinosaur have come back to life in Malaysia! Located at KSL Resort is the water theme park that took a page right out of the history. Once you entered the water park, you will be greeted realistic animatronics dinosaurs, including a 85-foot long Brachiosaurus. Equipped with kids friendly water slides, this is a must go for all family! Get your car ready and make your way down to enjoy a day out with the Dinosaurs!


4. Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park

Time to throw those memories of traditional theme parks out the window and make a trip to visit Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park. A combination of a water park for the family, an adventure park for the thrill seekers and a sports park for the adrenaline junkie, there is something to do for everyone!


5. Angry Birds Activity Park

Since it was first release in 2009, the Angry Bird series has been downloaded for more than three billion times. Now, not only can you enjoy the games, you can also enjoy all kind of Angry Bird activities at the Angry Birds Activity Park Johor Bahru! Located at Johor Bahru City Centre, the indoor park covers 26,000 sq.ft. with 4 different areas filled with activities for the whole family!



Imagine being a knight battling dragons flying through the skies or pirate riding the seas in search of lost treasure. These imagination comes to life at LEGOLAND Malaysia located just across the causeway at Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia. With over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions, there is something to do for the whole family. With just a short 30 minute drive away from the Tuas Second Link, you can start planning your trip today!

With all these activities just right across the causeway, why not make your way down today? is now having a promotion, you can get up to $30 off when you book a vehicle during this school holiday! Book a minimum rental of $450 and get another $20 CaptiaLand Voucher!

Check out our vehicle selection today!

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With love,

Team @ Drive.SG

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Explore Singapore's History With Drive.SG

Explore Singapore's History With Drive.SG

Singapore might be a small and young country, but she has a very rich history as well. Why not spend the upcoming long weekends to explore some of these places and learn about the history of our small red dot.

1) Learn about the World War 2 from the perspective of the British in Singapore at Battlebox

The Battlebox is a former WWII British underground command centre inside Fort Canning Hill. It was headquarters of Malaya Command, the army which defended Malaya and Singapore in WWII and the place where the British decided to surrender Singapore to the Japanese.

Today, it is a museum that tells the stories about the fall of Malaya and Singapore, and how an underground command centre functioned during the war.

2) Explore Singapore History at the National Museum of Singapore

The National Museum of Singapore, or more specifically the Singapore History Gallery and We Built A Nation exhibit, shows the history of Singapore. Singapore History Gallery charts the development of the island throughout the years, from a small island called Singapura to a thriving metropolis known as Singapore.

While We Built A Nation exhibit a selection of more than 100 artifacts, archival images and documents, which  explores the leadership of Singapore’s first leadership team as they laid the foundations for modern Singapore.

3) Trace your heritage at Asian Civilisations Museum

Asian Civilisations Museum newly renovated galleries display objects for our past. Trace your heritage through the various galleries such Ancient Religions, South Asia and Islamic World, The Scholar in Chinese Culture, and Trade.

Discover the rich history behind your own heritage and the way these cultures influence each other to give us the harmonious Singapore we know today.

4) Go on an emotional exploration about Singapore wartime history at Changi Museum

Changi Museum provides an emotional exploration of Singapore’s wartime history during the Japanese Occupation. Find out about the tragedies of the Prisoners-of-War and civilians who were interned at the infamous Changi Prison during the Japanese Occupation.

Learn about both the horror and heroics that emerged during the war in Singapore and how the POWs and civilian prisoners overcame their hardship from the displayed photographs, drawings and letters.

5) See the transformation of Singapore from a fishing village to a metropolis at Singapore City Gallery

Singapore City Gallery tells the story of Singapore's physical transformation over the past 50 years. Make time for highlights like the panoramic sights and sound show, or be awed by the architectural models and the various interactive and experiential exhibits that shows that transformation of a small fishing village to a thriving metropolis.

To help explore the history of our tiny island, Drive.SG has a special promotion just for you. You can get $18 off your rental when you rental a vehicle from us. 

View Long Weekend Promotion

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