CNY 2018 Zodiac Forecast Part 2

CNY 2018 Zodiac Forecast Part 2

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is associated with an animal sign (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig)  and an elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth).

2018 is the year of the Dog and the element of Earth. With Chinese New Year just 1 month away, we will be bringing to you a short series of zodiac forecast for the Year of The Earth Dog.

This the part 2 of the series.

Click here for Part 1.


Wealth: 3/10

This year, dragon zodiac clashes with Tai-sui so your fortune and wealth luck are not favourable, hence it will be good to avoid high risk speculation and gambling. You should adopt a “play safe” strategy in your finance management and be prudent in your spending to avoid getting into money problem.

Health: 3/10

Due to your hardship in work, you tend to be easily exhausted and stressed out, hence greatly affect your health. Rest more and take extra caution to what you eat to prevent food poisoning. Do not drive with fatigue as it can cause accident.

Career: 2/10

Due to the lack of career luck, you will find yourself facing a difficult time and struggling at work. You will be stressed and pressured from your superior. You will also be outcasted from colleagues, so for this year, work on the inter-personal relationship to avoid any hostility.

Relationship: 3.5/10

You tend to easily mood swing and agitated even over the slightest thing, especially towards your closed ones. Learn to be more accommodating and control your temper to avoid hurting the relationship.


Wealth: 9/10

People born in the Snake Zodiac will enjoy prosperous fortune this year and opportunities are abundant so remember to choose well and seize the chance. You will see good result from both your wealth and windfall luck but do not spend unnecessary. You should also donate to charity. If you are looking for new ventures or expansion, this is the year to do.

Health: 7/10

You don’t need to worry about your health as there will not be any serious problem, except for minor illness like cough/flu. Do not indulge in drinking and smoking and also pay extra attention to your diet.

Career: 8.5/10

Blessed with auspicious stars, it will be a smooth sailing in your career in year 2018 and you will be rewarded with pay increment and promotion/advancement. If you are in the sales line, you will make remarkable result with deals rolling in.

Relationship: 7/10

Romance star is shining on you this year, so for those who are in a relationship, it might be time to get married. For married couple, you might be welcoming a new family member within the year.


Wealth: 5/10

You have a moderate wealth luck this year and your income can basically just cover your expenses, so be frugal. Do not spend unnecessarily and always save for the rainy day. You might reap some windfall gain but bear in mind to save it for future use.

Health: 6/10

Your health is relatively acceptable but you just need to take additional safety precautions for your children and elderly at home to avoid getting injured. It is always advisable to take things moderately rather than to the extreme.

Career: 6/10

For working individuals, your job will be stable but do not be too stuck up because it will bring you failure in your career. Avoid being high profile as it might attract back stabbers in your office. Stay humble and steer away from office politics.

Relationship: 2/10

Romance luck is not at your side in 2018 and for couple who has been in long relationship, this year will be a challenge, so stay cool and resolve any problems amicably. Do not listen to any gossips that will affect your relationship and might eventually cause break up.


Wealth: 9/10

Due to numerous auspicious star shining upon this year, your wealth luck is favourable with significant gain in investment returns, main income and also unexpected windfall. Stay in low profile to avoid being the target of theft or robberies.

Health: 6/10

Health status is average and you will easily fall sick due to overwork, so rest more when you have the chance. Maintain a healthy diet and it is time to pick up a sport to keep yourself active and kick away unhealthy habits.

Career: 8/10

You will have a smooth sailing career this year so it is time to look into expanding your business. As for working individual, you will get recognition from your bosses and there might be an opportunity for a promotion or career advancement.

Relationship: 8.5/10

Romance luck is unbelievably good this year and for married couple, you will be welcoming a newborn into the family. For singles, you will meet you other half and get into a stable relationship. Wedding bells will be ringing for couple who are already in a relationship for years.

Come back next week for last part of the zodiac forecast where we will be talking about the forecast for people born in the year of Monkey, Chicken, Dog, and Pig.

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4 Fun Facts About Singapore's Weather. Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind!

4 Fun Facts About Singapore's Weather. Number 4 Will Blow Your Mind!

Over the last 2 weeks, we have seen some rather extreme weathers in Singapore. But are they really that extreme? Here are some fun fact about the climate of Singapore.

1) Rainfall

On 8th Jan, 9 different locations in eastern Singapore experienced one of the most intense flash flood in recent history. The flooding are due to a heavy rain that poured 118.8mm of rain in just 4 hours. That's about 2 weeks worth of rainfall in just a couple of hours. But did you know, back in 2nd Nov 1995, a record breaking 147mm of rainfall fell in just 1 hour. So before you complaint about how heavy the rain is, remember that it can always be worse.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Singapore had experience some really dry months as well. As recently as Nov 2014, the total rainfall in Singapore for the month was just 0.08mm. A farcry as compared to what we had been experiencing for the last 2 weeks

2) Temperature

Singapore has been bless with nice, cooling weather for the last 2 weeks. One of the night, the weather dropped all the way to 21.9 degree Celsius. This is the lowest temperature that Singapore has ever experience since 1934. During the night of 30th Jan 1934, the temperature in Singapore was at 19.4 degree Celsius.

3) Uncommon weather

Singapore is no stranger to unusual weather as well. Back in 2013 and 2008, Singapore was hit by a sudden hail. Irregular lumps of ice starting falling from the sky in 5-minute burst.

4) Wind

Strong winds can have some really devastating effects. While Singapore don't suffered from extremely strong wind such as those from the recent Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. We do have our own share of strong winds. Back in 2010, a gust of wind in Singapore was recorded to be at 90.7km/h, that is faster than the speed limit of our expressway.

Despite of the unusual weather, work is still a must. To help you make your journey to work better, Drive.SG is having a January promotion. From now to 31st Jan, rent a car for just $50 a day. No more waiting for a transport under the rain or the sorching sun,

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CNY 2018 Zodiac Forecast Part 1

CNY 2018 Zodiac Forecast Part 1

In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is associated with an animal sign (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig)  and an elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth).

2018 is the year of the Dog and the element of Earth. With Chinese New Year just 1 month away, we will be bringing to you a short series of zodiac forecast for the Year of The Earth Dog.


Wealth: 6/10

You are blessed with the auspicious star this year, so you will enjoy stable income, mainly from your job, but stay away from speculative and gambling activities as your windfall luck is not as ideal.

Health: 3/10

In general, your health is not so ideal and can easily fall ill due to fatigue. Avoid all extreme and high risk sports and drive with extra caution as you are more prone to accident this year.

Career: 7/10

In year 2018, your overall career luck for will be good with support from your superior. Although you may encounter obstacles in work, you will still able to resolve the difficult situation with assistance from your managers or colleagues. Be ready for advancement and development in your current company, so it might not be advisable to change your job this year.

Relationship: 2/10

In summary, you have a "fake" love luck for this year. For those who are single, you will have a chance to meet your the other half but be sure of their motive before committing to a relationship. For married couple, your partner might spend more time in work and beware of third party interference, so remember to communicate well to avoid hurting your relationship.


Wealth: 2/10

People of Ox Zodiac has clashed with Tai-Sui this year and greatly affect your wealth luck so be prudent in your financial management and do not spend unnecessarily. If you are doing business with a partner, take extra care of your relationship to avoid falling apart over money matters. Do not be the guarantors for loans and double check on any contracts before signing to avoid financial or legal disputes.

Health: 4/10

Generally, you should take good care of your health and beware of relapse of your previous injury/illness. Avoid vigorous exercise that may lead to sprain and injury. Remember to adapt a work life balance and do not overload as you can fall sick easily.

Career: 6/10

In terms of career or work luck, you can expect a promotion or pay increment. You may garner support and recognition from your superior, especially if your boss is a female. However, you will attract villains backstabbing or framing you, so it will be advisable to stay low profile and try to foster a good inter-personal relationship with your colleagues.

Relationship: 3.5/10

Your love relationship will be in a turmoil as you or your partner can get emotional at times and get heated argument even over the slightest thing. Stay positive and communicate to each other more often to avoid any misunderstanding. It will be advisable to go for a short trip overseas to improve your relationship.


Wealth: 7/10

In year 2018, the Tiger will have good money luck with the ideal and stable income from work while the luck for windfall will only be mediocre. If you are running a business, think twice before you expand your business, if not you might suffer a huge loss in capital investment. Stay away from speculative and risky investment that is recommended by friends.

Health: 8/10

In year 2018, there is no serious worry on your health but you still need to maintain a balanced diet (take more fruits and vegetables) and exercise. Although there is not much concern on your health, you will tend to be more moody due to work stress and this might cause poor sleep quality. You should also avoid attending funerals and visiting hospital.

Career: 5/10

You have a mixture of inauspicious and auspicious stars, so in work, it is better to plan first before action. If you are looking to seek for other job opportunities, it might be advisable to stay put first as it might not be as good as your current one. Be sure to control your temper and handle difficult situations in a calm way.

Relationship: 3/10

The married Tigers will tend to have rocky and unstable relationship over financial matter so it will be good if you can spend more time communicating. For singles who want to get hitched, participate in more parties and social activities to meet more opposite-sex friends and find your the other half.


Wealth: 9/10

Good news to all Rabbit friends, after suffering poor luck due to clashing with Tai Sui in 2017, you are expected to experience good windfall and wealth luck, but bear in mind don’t be too greedy. Stay in low profile to avoid attracting theft or burglary.

Health: 4/10

Coming to health, you might face both physical and mental burnout because of the the busy work schedule. Bear in mind to rest well whenever you have a chance. For those who do not engage in adequate exercise, it is advisable for you to take up some form of exercise before it is too late.

Career: 8/10

Sheltered by the auspicious star, you will gain recognition from your superior and customer for the effort you have put in. You will get full support from your boss and colleagues to maximise your potential to get your job done. If you have been thinking of changing a job, go ahead as everything will go well with you but just remember to quit your current job only after signing the contract with your new company.

Relationship: 8/10

For those who are married, you will have a high chance of giving birth to a baby in this year. For those couples who has been in a relationship for a while, wedding bells may be ringing.

Come back next week for part 2 of the zodiac forecast where we will be talking about the forecast for people born in the year of Dragon, Snake, Horse, and Sheep.

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Car Rental Guide For Chinese New Year

Car Rental Guide For Chinese New Year

The guide has been updated for Chinese New Year 2019. Check out Chinese New Year 2019 Car Rental Guide below!

It’s that time of the year again in Singapore where everyone of Chinese ethnicity prepares for the New Year and heads home to celebrate with their families.

If you’re looking to rent a car to head home to go on a holiday, here’s a quick primer on what you need to know about renting with us during the Chinese New Year period.

Quick Background on Car Rentals during Chinese New Year

As everyone heads home to visit their relatives and friends, there will be an influx of people heading to Malaysia or visiting in Singapore with their families.

That typically means two things when it comes to getting around during the Chinese New Year period if you don’t own a car.

  • First, it’s hard to use public transportation or get a cab during this period as well, many drivers and taxis are also doing their own visitations. On top of that, the frustration of getting transport is compounded if you are making multiple trips usually.

  • Second, the demand for rental cars during this period will be at an all time high for this period. Many peolpe will be looking to to avoid public transportation to transport their family.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the top questions that we have receied from our customer.

Q1. Why are they all 5-7 day packages? Are there any 1 day rentals?

Majority of the Car Rental companies in Singapore sell 5-7 day packages as these packages help to cover manpower constraints. This will give their own staff to do their own visitations. As a result, they will not be operating during the festive period.
It’s rare to find a single day rental company that is open on Chinese New Year. There may be unlicensed private rentals but we advise against it due to a couple of reasons.

  • Unclear service agreements - It's fine when nothing goes wrong but it is unclear who is liable and what damages are to be paid if something does. Being unclear on what you've agreed on also leaves it to interpretation and they may hold it against you.
  • Insurance coverage - The risks of accidents and costs of repairs should already be calculated and accounted for as a business risk for all legitimate car rental companies. Hence, insurance helps them to mitigate the risks. Private rentals may not have the required insurance and it's also unclear how much damage would you be liable for.

Q2. Why are prices so high? Why is there a surcharge compared to normal days?

  • Packages from car rental companies are sold in 5-7 day packages, increasing the total cost.

  • Demand during the period is overwhelming hence all car rental companies increase their prices during these periods. Eg. Peak Hour Surcharges in Taxis.

Click here to view Chinese New Year Cars in One Page 

Car Rental Tips Renting During Chinese New Year

Tip #1 Book Early

Booking Early means a wider variety of car models at all price points. More popular models or cheaper packages tend to get snapped up early.

Drive.SG early-bird discount is now live! Get up to $48 off your rental when you use the voucher code CNY19!

Tip #2 Ensure you’re clear on what you’re renting 

On top of the confounding complexity for first time rentals, there are also additional considerations when it comes to Chinese New Year. Here’s what you should specifically look out for especially when renting during Chinese New Year.

  • Car Specifics

    • Does it cater to Probation Drivers? Does it allow Malaysia Entry?

    • Due to insurance reasons, some rental companies do not rent out to probation drivers or allow Malaysia Entry. Eg. Probation drivers are considered at a higher risk of accident, hence increasing the cost of insurance.
  • Package Dates

    • While majority of Companies only do week long packages, there are slight variations in their dates, usually a difference of one or two dates.

    • Be clear on what type of package dates are available. Eg. 1st Feb to 8th Feb 2019 or 4th Feb to 11th Feb 2019

  • Package Prices

    • The prices quoted would be based on a list that these companies should publish publicly. Always ask for the list, it’s usually priced based on car categories of that car rental partner.

    • Prices vary from partner to partner but usually are upwards of $788 for a base class sedan.

Tip #3 Be Clear on Additional Surcharges

  • Heading to Malaysia? Need a child seat? Having a second driver?

  • Be aware that these add ons are typically not included for most rentals and are payable on collection of the car (that way you can still change your mind if you decided not to go to Malaysia)

  • Premium partners may include some add-ons. eg. Second Driver but it's still a good practice to factor them when evaluating the different cars.


There are over 100 Car Rental Companies in Singapore, to call every car rental company on the models and rates available to make a full comparison is hard.

Of course, you can find most of these information consolidated on one website at Drive.SG’s Chinese New Year’s page, that would make it easier for you to decide which cars you’re looking to book.

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