3 Cars Recommended for every occasion

  1. Lowest Insurance Excess
  2. Entry to Malaysia
  3. 1 Day Weekend Rentals
  4. Delivery to your doorstep
  5. For P Plate
  6. Lowest Rental Deposit
  7. Spankin' New Cars
  8. Cheapest Weekday Rates
  9. Cheapest Weekend Packages
  10. Collection & Delivery after 6pm

Top 3 Cars with the Lowest Insurance Excess

Insurance Excess is the maximum amount borne by the renter in the event of an accident. So the lower... the better. Here's 3 of our cars with the lowest insurance excess.

Top 3 Cars for Driving into Malaysia

When entering Malaysia, reliability and safety are paramount. Also, it doesn't hurt that these 3 cars also have the lowest surcharges for Malaysia Entry.

Top 3 Cars for 1 Day Weekend Rentals

Some partner companies don't operate over the weekends, here's some cars from our partners that allow you to rent and return on Sat/Sun

Top 3 Cars that deliver right to your doorstep

Delivery right to your doorstep. Applicable charges may apply for added service

Top 3 Cars for P-Plate Drivers

Congrats on passing! For new drivers, it's better to choose smaller cars since it's easier to handle and park. Here's our top 3 recommended cars for probation drivers.

Top 3 Cars with the Lowest Rental Deposits

Rental deposits are similar to how hotels require a hold on your card for your stay. While refundable when you return the car, often it's a consideration when the company only accepts cash deposits. Here are the 3 Lowest ones.

3 Newest Cars you can rent

Our partners often buy new cars and models to replace their fleet & who doesn't like that new car smell? Check out our 3 newest cars below.

Top 3 Cheapest Weekday Cars

Got a quick errand to run on the weekday? Grab a car that doesn't burst your budget and get stuff done. Here's the 3 cheapest cars for Weekdays.

Top 3 Cheapest Weekend Package Rental Cars

Renting over the entire weekend? Here's the cheapest weekend packages available from our partners.

Top 3 Cars available for Delivery/Collection after 6pm

Working late past operating hours? These partners below allow exceptions for delivery/collection after 6pm.