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Driving around on a road trip can be a fun holiday experience in itself. It is a good bonding opportunity for families

So hop into a rental car and enjoy a nice weekend away! Here are some road trip essentials if you are planning on making the drive up to Malaysia.

Whether you're driving under the hot afternoon sun or making it a cool evening drive, these are some of the things you should have with you to make the trip a pleasant one.


The glare from the sun can be potentially dangerous for drivers during a long drive. So remember to put on those shades especially when you're driving in the middle of the afternoon.

As for passengers, sunglasses do not only protect you from the glaring rays. Have you ever felt annoyed by nosy parkers peering in through your window while on the road? If you want to have a shut-eye during the long journey, putting on your sunglasses can prevent those curious Georges from catching you in the middle of a snooze.


There is nothing more important than navigation when you're driving overseas. Having a map is an absolute MUST! With travel apps getting more advanced each passing day, even your phone can be a good make-shift GPS while driving.

Personal Hygiene

Staying holed up in a car for hours on end could get unpleasant very quickly. On a road trip, you want to stay as refreshed as possible to keep your mood uplifted.

Pack a hand sanitizer, wet wipes and plenty of tissues to keep you clean throughout the journey. Clean up any messes you have made in the car with wet wipes or tissues, and remember to sanitize your hands after.

Staying Fresh

Keep yourself feeling fresh and awake with these few items:

Sometimes driving on a straight road for long periods of time can get pretty boring. The wet wipes we mentioned above can freshen you up when you’re just starting to feel a little bit sleepy while driving.

Have some breath mints or sweets with you to stay minty fresh on your long drive.

Pillows & Blankets

Passengers, stay comfortable and warm with an army of neck pillows and blankets - the better for your nap during this long car ride. If you find packing extra blankets a hassle, why not pack a comfy jacket to keep you warm?


See something interesting by the side of the road? You'll wish you had packed a good camera to capture these precious moments. If you are packing many electronics with you, make sure you have a compatible car charger to keep them going.

Emergency Kits

Tend to your scrapes and bruises with a first aid kit, but don't forget about the car! An emergency kit for your car is important so you won't get stranded in the middle of a highway.

Another important thing to have in your car emergency kit? Have a list of emergency numbers like the tow truck company or the car rental company’s emergency hotline.

Portable Cooler

Who likes food that's turned bad? Bring along a portable cooler (which you can store in the boot) to keep your edibles from going rotten by the heat in the car.


The long ride can get boring real fast if you travel in silence (especially when everyone else has fallen asleep). Keep a playlist of your favourite songs on a disc and load it up in the car. Nothing beats a good road trip karaoke.

With these road trip travel essentials, you can now spend a wonderful weekend driving to Malaysia with the family! Save yourself the worry and get a rental car. Rent a car now @ Drive.SG!

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