Car rental scams is on rise. According to SPF, victims of car rental scams had lost at least around $25,000 between January 2019 and November 2019.

So we are here to tell you about how can you identify and avoid being a victim of a car rental scam.

1)     Avoid car rental ads using generic photos & is unable to show a photo of the actual car

All car rental company should be able to easily produce a photo of the actual car if you asked for it since the car will be parked at their premises when it is not being rented out.

If the company refuse to show you the photo of the car or only show you stock images when you asked for it, it is a huge warning sign that it could be a scam.


2)     Beware of rental cars with unusually low prices

Owning a car in Singapore is not a cheap task. That goes the same for car rental companies. Every car has an upkeep cost and nobody would run a business that doesn’t earn any money. So if you spot a car that is much cheaper than expected (eg, a 7 years old sedan at $30/day or a brand new sedan at $50/day), do be careful as that is another warning sign


3)     Beware of rental company with no reviews

Singaporeans like to complaint & give their feedback regardless if the experience is a positive or negative. So if you have a hard time finding reviews for a particular company, do be careful as the company might not really exist.


A company with 5 1-stars review is still more trustworthy than a company with 0 reviews.

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