Part 3 of how to Rent a Car in Singapore

Part 1: Making the booking

1. Background on Renting

2. Finding a car for your needs

3. Choosing a Rental Company

4. Booking the Car

Part 2: Collecting & Returning

5. Collecting the Car

6. Driving

7. Returning

8. Specific Scenarios

Here’s some of the more confusing terms you might probably encounter in the course of you renting a car in Singapore. Worry not, we’ll explain each term so that you’ll know what you’re getting into when it comes to the terms & conditions of renting a car.

Collision Damage Waiver
  • Option for users to lower the insurance excess.
Insurance Coverage
  • 3rd Party Insurance is the bare legal minimum under Singapore Law. It covers damage to others(people and property) in an accident deemed to be your fault. Any damage to the rental car and yourself will be borne by you.
  • Comprehensive Insurance provides the most complete car insurance coverage. It covers damages to others (people and property) and damages to the rental car and your injuries (check with rental agency).
Insurance Excess
  • The maximum amount to which you are liable for when you do get into an accident with the rental car. Any reparation email above this excess is covered by insurance under the terms of the insurance coverage.
  • Dictates the travel distance. Not so much of an issue locally but more so when you do head into Malaysia or when driving in big countries. Eg. US, Australia.
Malaysia Surcharge
  • Additional daily cost for driving into Malaysia. This charge typically covers the additional insurance of driving overseas in Malaysia. Most companies charge it, some don’t.
Named Driver
  • The name of the one driving the rental car. Of note because the insurance often only insures the named driver. 2nd drivers might be added.
Petrol Policy
  • The common petrol policy is to return the petrol at the same level as upon collection of the car. Any petrol above or below what was received should be compensated to you in fair amount by the rental company.
Security/Rental Deposit
  • A sum of money held on top of the rental rate to ensure the cost of repair/damages in the case of any damage to the car by the renter during the time of lease. For car rentals, it’s almost always refundable.

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