In Chinese astrology, each zodiac year is associated with an animal sign (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig)  and an elements (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth).

2018 is the year of the Dog and the element of Earth. With Chinese New Year just 1 month away, we will be bringing to you a short series of zodiac forecast for the Year of The Earth Dog.

This the part 2 of the series.

Click here for Part 1.


Wealth: 3/10

This year, dragon zodiac clashes with Tai-sui so your fortune and wealth luck are not favourable, hence it will be good to avoid high risk speculation and gambling. You should adopt a “play safe” strategy in your finance management and be prudent in your spending to avoid getting into money problem.

Health: 3/10

Due to your hardship in work, you tend to be easily exhausted and stressed out, hence greatly affect your health. Rest more and take extra caution to what you eat to prevent food poisoning. Do not drive with fatigue as it can cause accident.

Career: 2/10

Due to the lack of career luck, you will find yourself facing a difficult time and struggling at work. You will be stressed and pressured from your superior. You will also be outcasted from colleagues, so for this year, work on the inter-personal relationship to avoid any hostility.

Relationship: 3.5/10

You tend to easily mood swing and agitated even over the slightest thing, especially towards your closed ones. Learn to be more accommodating and control your temper to avoid hurting the relationship.


Wealth: 9/10

People born in the Snake Zodiac will enjoy prosperous fortune this year and opportunities are abundant so remember to choose well and seize the chance. You will see good result from both your wealth and windfall luck but do not spend unnecessary. You should also donate to charity. If you are looking for new ventures or expansion, this is the year to do.

Health: 7/10

You don’t need to worry about your health as there will not be any serious problem, except for minor illness like cough/flu. Do not indulge in drinking and smoking and also pay extra attention to your diet.

Career: 8.5/10

Blessed with auspicious stars, it will be a smooth sailing in your career in year 2018 and you will be rewarded with pay increment and promotion/advancement. If you are in the sales line, you will make remarkable result with deals rolling in.

Relationship: 7/10

Romance star is shining on you this year, so for those who are in a relationship, it might be time to get married. For married couple, you might be welcoming a new family member within the year.


Wealth: 5/10

You have a moderate wealth luck this year and your income can basically just cover your expenses, so be frugal. Do not spend unnecessarily and always save for the rainy day. You might reap some windfall gain but bear in mind to save it for future use.

Health: 6/10

Your health is relatively acceptable but you just need to take additional safety precautions for your children and elderly at home to avoid getting injured. It is always advisable to take things moderately rather than to the extreme.

Career: 6/10

For working individuals, your job will be stable but do not be too stuck up because it will bring you failure in your career. Avoid being high profile as it might attract back stabbers in your office. Stay humble and steer away from office politics.

Relationship: 2/10

Romance luck is not at your side in 2018 and for couple who has been in long relationship, this year will be a challenge, so stay cool and resolve any problems amicably. Do not listen to any gossips that will affect your relationship and might eventually cause break up.


Wealth: 9/10

Due to numerous auspicious star shining upon this year, your wealth luck is favourable with significant gain in investment returns, main income and also unexpected windfall. Stay in low profile to avoid being the target of theft or robberies.

Health: 6/10

Health status is average and you will easily fall sick due to overwork, so rest more when you have the chance. Maintain a healthy diet and it is time to pick up a sport to keep yourself active and kick away unhealthy habits.

Career: 8/10

You will have a smooth sailing career this year so it is time to look into expanding your business. As for working individual, you will get recognition from your bosses and there might be an opportunity for a promotion or career advancement.

Relationship: 8.5/10

Romance luck is unbelievably good this year and for married couple, you will be welcoming a newborn into the family. For singles, you will meet you other half and get into a stable relationship. Wedding bells will be ringing for couple who are already in a relationship for years.

Come back next week for last part of the zodiac forecast where we will be talking about the forecast for people born in the year of Monkey, Chicken, Dog, and Pig.

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