Getting ready for the holiday? Here are 5 tips to help you save your precious money this holiday season!

1. Shop Early

The best way to save money this holiday is to do your holiday shopping as early as possible. As the holiday draws near, most stores will start to increase their prices, something up to 30%. This is what we call Holiday Surcharge. By doing your holiday shopping as early as possible, you can avoid all these surcharges.

Eg, A log cake from Prima Deli cost $24.90 during normal period. During Christmas peroid, the price increased to $49.90. A 100% increase!

2. Shop Online

While brick and mortar stores allows your to see and feel the products first hand, they are usually more expensive as well. Online channels such as Amazon and Taobao usually carries the same item at a much cheaper price. While most of these online channels provide a free shipping option, they usually take sometime to reach you as well, so plan your shopping list early.

Eg, Buying a Nerf Rival toy as a Christmas gift, local Toy R Us sells one at $200 SGD, Amazon sell one at $115 SGD, with free 21 days shipping.

3. Watch Out For Key Sales Date

What if you are late to the party and the surge pricing are already in place. Worry not, there is still ways that you can get your shopping done at a slightly reduced price. Look out for key holiday sales date. Most stores usually let go of their excess products at a reduced price those dates. Just don’t be late as they sell out really fast.

Eg, Black Friday, Cyber Monday

4. Alternate Travel Locations

The year-end holiday is one of the most popular vacation period. Airfares are usually really expensive during the period. But not all vacation spots require you to fly, some of them are within driving distance. Places like KL, Malacca, Penang are some of the most popular travel location in the region and you can easily reach them just by driving. So save your airfare and start driving!

Eg, KL, Legoland, Malacca, Penang, Phuket(yes, you can drive all the way to Thailand)

5. Rent Your Car On Drive.SG

If you plan on driving to your travel location but you don’t have a car. Renting one will be your best solution. However, same as all other services and products, there will be surcharges to car rental during these peak period. So, why not rent a car without surcharges on Drive.SG? From now to 30 Nov, you can enjoy $0 surcharge when you rent a car on Drive.SG. Book your vehicle now using the link below and maximize your savings this holiday!

Eg, Renting a Toyota Altis for the holiday long weekend

Usual: $320 + $100 (surcharge) = $420

Promotion: $320 + $0 (surcharge) = $320!

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