Over the last 2 weeks, we have seen some rather extreme weathers in Singapore. But are they really that extreme? Here are some fun fact about the climate of Singapore.

1) Rainfall

On 8th Jan, 9 different locations in eastern Singapore experienced one of the most intense flash flood in recent history. The flooding are due to a heavy rain that poured 118.8mm of rain in just 4 hours. That's about 2 weeks worth of rainfall in just a couple of hours. But did you know, back in 2nd Nov 1995, a record breaking 147mm of rainfall fell in just 1 hour. So before you complaint about how heavy the rain is, remember that it can always be worse.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Singapore had experience some really dry months as well. As recently as Nov 2014, the total rainfall in Singapore for the month was just 0.08mm. A farcry as compared to what we had been experiencing for the last 2 weeks

2) Temperature

Singapore has been bless with nice, cooling weather for the last 2 weeks. One of the night, the weather dropped all the way to 21.9 degree Celsius. This is the lowest temperature that Singapore has ever experience since 1934. During the night of 30th Jan 1934, the temperature in Singapore was at 19.4 degree Celsius.

3) Uncommon weather

Singapore is no stranger to unusual weather as well. Back in 2013 and 2008, Singapore was hit by a sudden hail. Irregular lumps of ice starting falling from the sky in 5-minute burst.

4) Wind

Strong winds can have some really devastating effects. While Singapore don't suffered from extremely strong wind such as those from the recent Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. We do have our own share of strong winds. Back in 2010, a gust of wind in Singapore was recorded to be at 90.7km/h, that is faster than the speed limit of our expressway.

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