Drive.SG was conceived in 2010 by its founders, Adrian, Bryan and Paul. Being car renters themselves, they saw first-hand on how the lack of transparency in the car rental industry can be utterly confusing and intimidating to car renters. Thus, they decided to take it upon themselves to deliver a radically new experience for first-timers (and other renters) to rent a car. The founders created a system whereby consumers can rent directly from local rental companies in REAL-TIME; no calling required to check on the availability of the car.

This service is supported by numerous experienced motoring partners. You can now select and compare car rental offers from Avis, Europcar, BKW, Wearnes, Alltrust, Falcon-air and many others online instantly.

Are we better than other travel sites for car rentals? Without a doubt, YES! Never before were hirers able to see exactly which car model they were going to pick up (colours may vary though). Furthermore, using Drive.SG, hirers can rent a car online from local and brand name car rental businesses at huge discounts.

We are setting up bases all over Asia to bring this convenience and price-saving to the local residents and travellers. If you are an automotive service provider that is excited to reach and serve a wider audience, please connect with us now!

At the same time, we welcome any feedbacks and suggestions that will help improve Drive.SG. Naturally, a small bounty is in order for vocal folks like yourself. If you are a job-seeker (or a student) who wish to join us for an interesting experience, email us!

Team @ Drive.SG

What's New?

Jan 2012

For the first time in Asia, drivers like yourself can hire/lease a car directly from car rental businesses that do not have an online system/presence in Travel Sites/GDS (e.g. Expedia, Zuji).

Apr 2012

Our partner Avis have introduced huge discounts specially for Drive.SG users (applies to travellers and residents).

May 2012

Drive.SG widens its selection of vehicles. You can now hire any car from a Cherry QQ up to a Ferrari.

Jul 2012

Travellers from all over the world can now hire cars from Singapore at local discounted rates! No more 'tourist-y' rates!

Sep 2012

You can now obtain multiple leasing quotes (from more than 6 months to up to 5 years) from our partners here!

Nov 2012

Singaporeans/local residents travelling overseas can now hire a car in over 200 countries using Drive.SG. Prices have been set to be lower than online travel sites!

Feb 2013

Drive.SG introduces Price-Match policy and Car Availability Guarantee policy. Drive.SG will now guarantee the available of the cars booked online and price-match (and better) any online car rental offers. (Terms & Conditions apply).

Sep 2013

Drive.SG introduces mobile app for both Android and iOS. You can book a short term rental and chauffeur service anytime anywhere.

Dec 2013

In an industry-first move, Drive.SG introduces 'hybrid leasing' to its customers. Hybrid leasing is a blend of the hire-purchase and car leasing schemes. Now, customers can "own" and "lease" a car at the same time!

Feb 2014

Sucessfully raised a Series A fund of S$1 Million Dollars from the Malaysia-listed firm Insas Berhad Sdn Bdn.

Mar 2014

Satellite office launched in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur. Bringing us closer to our customers in Malaysia.

Apr 2014

Introduced Cross Border bookings for Singapore Residents. Customers from Singapore can now pickup a car from Malaysia once they cross the border checkpoints or when they land in Malaysia Airports.

May 2014

Drive.MY began its soft launch, renting a car in Malaysia has never been easier.

Aug 2014

Satellite office launched in Spazio, Surabaya. Bringing us closer to our customers in Indonesia.

Feb 2015

A completely new version of Drive.SG was launched. In addition to the new look, customers use their mobile phones, tablets, or smart TVs' mobile browser or mobile app to easily book a car.

Jan 2016

With the rise of ride-hailing services, our auto-quotation engine also provides competitive rental rates.

Jul 2016

Hirers can now pick up Hari Raya rentals at Johor Bahru. Rentals start lower, malaysia entry surcharge is waived and insurance excess is lower for customers who pick up cars cross the checkpoint.

Dec 2016

Rentals cars are also listed on Carousell for easier social marketplace browsing.

Apr 2017

A referral service with Tribecar is introduced. Hirers are recommended this ultra-short rental service should they desire bookings that are shorter than 1 day.

Sep 2017

A Grab-Uber pricelist comparison service is provided for ride-hailing users to download the latest pricelist from over 25 rental partners.

Jan 2018

In a nation's first move, Drive.SG provides Excess Protector. This Excess Protector is an extra paid add-on that effectively reduces the insurance excess to $0. This gives new and experienced drivers peace of mind when driving locally or abroad.

June 2018

An AI recommendation engine is featured for Hari Raya rental customers. The engine makes clever recommendations for the right car based on the search pattern of the web visitor. This new feature allows the customer to find the right car much faster which improves overall sales conversion and satisfaction of the service.

For Business

Attention Rental Companies

Grow now with the Drive.SG family! Drive.SG, with its unique business solution, is the way of the future for car rentals. It plays a twin role to support your business on the inside and making it easy for consumers to rent from you! Along with other network partners, Drive.SG is a marketplace that is vibrant, informative and useful to consumers. This makes Drive.SG the go to place for consumers to rent a car from YOU.

As a network partner, you can take advantage of the following benefits,

Expand Cost Effectively with our Advanced Fleet Management Software

You will have the option to run your entire business with renewed efficiently on our state of the art fleet management software. The software is lightyears ahead of other alternatives. Its simplicity and thorough development makes it easy to run your business. Be it 5 cars, 50 cars, 500 cars, it will do a masterful job taking care of your business. Key highlights are its "Automated Scheduler" to optimally schedule your cars with the LEAST* pocket of idle time, its clean "Access Anywhere" interface that works perfectly on iPad out in the field, enhanced "Checkout Assistant" that quickens car collection timings, and its "E-Payment" systems that allows you to collect payment using the Internet.

Increased Revenue with Increased Visibility

Gain increased market visibility with our consumer-friendly web portal! We make it easy for customers to find you. Serving a niche car market? Situated at an unique location? Renting to P-Plate drivers? Highlight all these business strengths easily through our portal. With Drive.SG, you will be one-step closer to your target audience.

Reduce Business Risk with Airline-like Booking System

Sick of no-shows and terrible drivers? Drive.SG is your answer. We will make no-shows a thing of the past by collecting your rent well before the actual booking date. Terrible or inexperienced drivers are also automatically^ filtered out and they cannot make a booking. Now you can save the time from dealing with such drivers and focus on your efforts to better serve your customers.

A Family on Your Side

Drive.SG is a network of rental companies that is on your side. Shortage of vehicles? Unable to fulfill a booking? Do away with such worries by relying on us.

The bottom line is that Drive.SG is a hassle-free, cost-effective way to grow your business. Seize the opporturnity and call us today! We are ready to answer any doubts and questions you may have about Drive.SG.

* The system has an algothrim to provide optimal solution unless the operator intentionally make sub-optimal booking decisions.

At Drive.SG, we pride ourselves in having the largest collection of rental cars in Singapore. Should you need something else that is not in our collection or if you are interested in leasing a car for long-term use, please fill the form below and we will reply to you promptly

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  3. the occasion you are renting it for
  4. your preferred location (so we may find the closest pickup point for you)

as well as any other requests that we may assist you with.

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